I want to copy files from a remote server to my desktop and vice versa. However, the issue is, my files to be copied from the server have quite long file paths with at least 7-8 subfolders which are more or less constant.

It's hectic to use the entire file path all the time to perform simple copy actions. for eg, if I wanted to copy filex from the remote server I would have to type in:

scp -r username@remotesrvr.com:/fldr1/fldr2/fldr3/fldr4/..../myfile ./mydesktop

Is there a way to overcome this?


One trick that I use constantly is to mount via SSH a remote directory rather than use some cumbersome scp command.


First mount the remote directory.

$ mkdir $HOME/mnt
$ sshfs user@remote:/fldr1/fldr2/fldr3/fldr4/.../myfile $HOME/mnt

From this point you can now copy files to/from $HOME/mnt locally and it will be hitting the remote server's directory. Use standard tools such as cp, mv, etc.

When you're done you can unmount this connection.

$ fusermount -u $HOME/mnt

I think using a package like fileZilla makes it much faster and it does exactly what I want!

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