What's the difference between

sh myscript


sh < myscript

I played around and they seem to have the same effect. Are they equivalent?

  • They aren't the same. The first will open the file along w/ any cmd line args after it. The 2nd will stream the contents of the file myscript into STDIN of sh. – slm Jan 12 '14 at 21:04

They are not. There are some things that will not work. The one thing that comes to mind is:

sh myscript -flag1 -value=3

is not possible with sh < myscript.

With sh < myscript, $0 is set to sh, rather than myscript, so

echo this script is $0

won't work

Also, if your script reads input, it will not work - you cannot

sh < myscript < myfiletoread
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