I want to be able to cycle clients within a single tag (screen). I know I can swap clients by using awful.client.swap.byidx but that moves focus rather than the client.

Say I have three windows:

|         |     |
|         |  2  |
|         |     |
|   1     +-----|
|         |     |
|         |  3  |
|         |     |
+ --------+-----+

And I want to cycle each one into the "1" spot. So "1" would go to "2", "2" would go to "3", and "3" would go to "1". Does that make sense

I know I've seen something like this, but can't find it now.


You are looking for (unsurprisingly) awesome.client.cycle. Add this to your rc.lua:

awful.key({ modkey, "Shift"   }, "y", function () awful.client.cycle(true)    end)

Then you can press Alt+Shift+y to get the desired behavior. The lone boolean parameter determines cycle direction.

  • Actually for me that ended up working like the standard binding "awful.key({ modkey, "Shift" }, "j", function () awful.client.swap.byidx( 1) end)". The client itself moves around the screen, instead of staying in place in the master. – thermans Jan 14 '14 at 14:15
  • Then you're doing it wrong. client.swap.byidx and client.cycle are subtly yet decidedly distinct. Also what do you mean by "master"? – g33kz0r Jan 14 '14 at 17:50

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