I just installed npm and node.js, and I couldn't access npm. And I'm like "why?" and my OS is like "because /usr/local/bin is at 700 permissions" and I'm like "should it really be that way?" /usr/local is supposed to be .. the local user's bin folder? Then why does it require root access?

It is filled with GAE stuff. Maybe Google App Engine changed it, I don't know.


No, /usr/local/bin and pretty much everything in it should be set 755.

  • Or perhaps 775 if you want to have a non-root group with permission to update it. – Keith Thompson Jan 9 '14 at 0:19

This kind of issues often happen when partitions with non linux FS-Types (vFAT, NTFS..) are used for linux standard directories. Please check first your FS type :

sudo fdisk -l | grep `df /usr/local/bin | grep dev | awk '{print $1}'` 

The last element is your file-system type.

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