Suppose I am using vim with two or more files opened in split-screen mode. The open files are very similar, and I want to perform a few identical changes to all files.

I already know of

:windo set scrollbind

to have the windows scroll in the same way.

My question is the following: is there a method to enter insert mode in all windows. Or, if not, to copy all latest actions to a different window. The result should be that some edit is the same in all open files.


You can record your editing commands in a macro (e.g. register Q via qq...q), and then replay that macro in all other windows. If you :close the first window that already got the treatment, you can use

:windo normal! @q

for that.

You need to be careful to only use movements and text objects that are valid in all buffers (as Vim will beep and abort a macro replay on error), so this will only work on very similar buffers and a bit of forethought. Best start the macro from a predefined position, e.g. via gg0 or a /search.

The :substitute command (possibly with the /c flag to query on each match) can be a great alternative to normal mode commands, and can be combined / included in a macro.

  • Awesome, never took time to understand macros, but know I get why they are useful. – Bernhard Jan 7 '14 at 15:54

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