I'm trying to run tmux sessions inside and outside of a remote ssh session, so I want to use c-b prefix for the outer (local) session and c-a prefix inner (remote) session.

My question is how can it be done with a single tmux.conf. It's easy to check with bash if the session is remote using something like [ -n "$SSH_CLIENT" ], but I don't know how to reliably incorporate this into tmux.conf, given that if appears to be asynchronous and subject to race conditions.

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I made a workaround via .bash_profile:

if [[ -n "$SSH_CLIENT" && -n "$TMUX" ]] ; then
  tmux unbind c-b
  tmux set -g prefix c-a
  tmux bind c-a send-prefix

It makes sure the c-a prefix is only set if the shell is running in a remote tmux window. Seems to work okay, but it would still be cleaner if it could be expressed in tmux.conf.

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