What is the difference between (unix-system “which [name]) and which [name] commands.

For example when I use the (unix-system “which visual_elite) command I get the following result:


When I do the same on the command line using which visual_elite I get

enidl-atlas-schur <76> # which visual_elite
visual_elite is /home/vhdl/edatools/mentor/visualelite/VisualElite-4.2.1/visual_elite

Why do I have this difference?

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    What is (unix-system)? Some kind of Lisp or Scheme function? More details needed! – Mikel Apr 7 '11 at 10:46

You have this difference because the PATH environment variable is different on the "command line" than it is in the lisp-like language you are using.

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