I'm running Debian wheezy, xfce 4.8.
Where do I copy mouse cursor themes I downloaded from xfce-look?

If you can give me the location to copy themes, icons, and cursors I would really appreciate it.

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Cursors (4.4 and 4.6)

Extract the theme in ~/.icons
    System wide installation in ${sysprefix}/share/icons
Make sure the directory layout looks like this: ./icons/<theme_name>/cursors
Select the theme in the Mouse Settings. If there is no tab with cursor themes, make sure xfce-mcs-plugins (Xfce 4.4.x) is compiled with Xcursor support

Link: http://wiki.xfce.org/howto/install_new_themes

  • For other n00bs like me, sysprefix=/usr at least on Manjaro. Jul 23, 2019 at 1:57

The general location for themes in Debian is /usr/share/themes. There are some that can be copied to ~/.themes but I'm not sure XFCE use it by default.

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