I have a Synology NAS that uses Samba 3.6.9. I also have a Windows Domain Controller (Server 2012 R2) that I'm using Windows Server Backup on to backup the System State to the Synology NAS. When using SMB1, I have no issues, however, when using SMB2, I run into the following:

smbd/service.c:636: [2014/01/04 14:56:11.044645, all 2, pid=20301] create_connection_session_info
user 'NAUPLIUS\dc01$' (from session setup) not permitted to access this share (Backup)
smbd/service.c:847: [2014/01/04 14:56:11.045532, all 1, pid=20301] make_connection_snum
create_connection_session_info failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
smbd/service.c:1453: [2014/01/04 14:56:20.283879, all 1, pid=20301] close_cnum
DC01 ( closed connection to service Backup
smbd/connection.c:35: [2014/01/04 14:56:20.284802, all 3, pid=20301] yield_connection
Yielding connection to Backup
smbd/smb2_server.c:3120: [2014/01/04 14:56:20.289760, all 2, pid=20301] smbd_smb2_request_incoming
smbd_smb2_request_incoming: client read error NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_RESET
smbd/server_exit.c:181: [2014/01/04 14:56:20.293909, all 3, pid=20301] exit_server_common

As you can see, Windows Server Backup in this case is attempting to access the share with the Computer Account. Now, if this was a Windows Server, Computer accounts can be added to a Windows Share just as easily as a User account. From what I gather, that is not the case with Samba. Can someone correct me if I'm wrong, is it possible to add a Domain Computer account to the Samba Share permissions?

One thing to note is I did add "NAUPLIUS\Domain Controllers" (which DC01 is a member of), but that does not appear to have resolved the issue. The NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED errors continue.

  • Can you explain what SMB1 and SMB2 are? – slm Jan 4 '14 at 23:46
  • Note this has nothing to do with adding a machine to a Samba domain, so that link is a bit irrelevant. The Synology NAS is a domain member of Active Directory. SMB1 is the original SMB protocol, SMB2 is an update that was released with Vista/Server 2008, and Samba followed on with support at a later date. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Message_Block#SMB_2_and_3 – Trevor Seward Jan 4 '14 at 23:56
  • Your comment: "Can someone correct me if I'm wrong, is it possible to add a Domain Computer account to the Samba Share permissions" would seem to make that link very relevant. – slm Jan 5 '14 at 0:20
  • I don't see how it is relevant. It doesn't speak to adding Computer Accounts to a Samba share. Just joining computer accounts to a domain, something I do not need to do. – Trevor Seward Jan 5 '14 at 0:23

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