Recently I have installed Elementary OS luna, which is based on Ubuntu. I want to customize the wingpanel to display the menu toolbar of the selected application.

This is my wingpanel: what I got

But I need it to look like this: what I Want

The File, Edit, Selection and other menus, and the Close, maximize and minimize icons are on the wingpanel.

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    The behaviour you describe is called “Global Menu”. – Marco Jan 2 '14 at 19:50

Install Mate Panel on Elementary OS. Here precise tutorial how do it.


To achieve global menus you can also use Super Wingpanel with Elementary Tweaks. And to get that first you'll need Elementary Tweaks. Open up the terminal and enter: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:versable/elementary-update, sudo apt-get update, and finally sudo apt-get install elementary-tweaks. Now goto Applications > System Settings > Tweaks and you'll see some new settings. Here you can add things such as the minimise button, change themes, etc. Once you've finished tinkering, type in the terminal sudo apt-get install super-wingpanel. Once you're done that, head over to Applications > System Settings > Tweaks > Super Wingpanel. If something doesn't work, just log out > log back in.

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