There seems to be some problems with the font size when connecting remotely to another Xserver using ssh.

I am using manjaro linux and awesomewm. As far as I understand, the local font settings are being controled by lxappearance as the changes in the settings done there affect my system. However, when I open a remote X window using a command like

ssh -t -Y remotepc '/home/me/.local/sources/eclipse/eclipse'

I seems that the fonts are being rendered by the remote computer, making very uncomfortable different sizes among my windows. As seen on the next snapshot, on the left size I have proper font sizes (locally) whereas on the right side fonts are huge (remotely).


Does anyone have a clue on how can I render the remote fonts locally?

UPDATE: The problem seems to be a bit different than I thought. If I run gnome-settings-daemon a set of applications change towards normal font size (for instance Eclipse) and another set transforms to tiny sizes (what seems to be controlled by lxappearance), as seen in the next two snapshots. Any suggestion?

using gnome-settings-daemon:

using gnome-settings-daemon

without gnome-settings-daemon

without gnome-settings-daemon

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