I joined a new company and they are using AIX. So I have just a few patches but NOWHERE on the internet could I find how to download the patches. The machines are not connected to the internet.

  • Could you give an example of a patch you can't find? – Mat Dec 29 '13 at 15:56
  • What patches are you talking about? What is your actual question, are you asking how to find patches or how to apply them? – terdon Dec 29 '13 at 16:01
  • I am trying to find out how to apply them.. – JackyBoi Dec 30 '13 at 0:30
  • Hi, sorry for the delayed reply. But I managed to find the patches over here ibm.com/developerworks/java/jdk/aix/faqs.html – JackyBoi Jan 2 '14 at 6:26

If you're talking about patching the operating system, or a range of related products (such as PowerVM, PowerHA, etc.) then you usually start at IBM Fix Central.


There's not much to be said in terms of an answer, other than go there, fill in the drop downs with your product information, and the site builds a list of packages to download.

For AIX, you would normally get a TL (technology level) or SP (service pack) set of files, whack them on the server, and use the relevant OS commands to do an apply.

This link https://www-304.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=isg3T1012517 has the latest patch cycles for AIX.


https://www-945.ibm.com/support/fixcentral/ Select Product Product Group - IBM Operating Systems Select the version which you want to install - AIX 6.1 Fix type - Fix packs Select the fixes which you want to upgrade your system select the Download options

basically, IBM do no longer ship single fixes, except for Emergency Fixes to correct really high pervasive errors and Security Fixes to fill security holes.

Instead, they deliver Technology Level packages to contain major fixes/revisions/enhancements and, between TLs , there are Service Packages to contain just fixes (in most cases).

Emergency/Security fixes as well as TL/SP packages can all be downloaded from IBM Fix Central: http://www-933.ibm.com/support/fixcentral/

There is also a tool called SUMA (Service Update Management Assistant) to automatically search for fix packages and to download them at regular intervals.

There are several nice papers dealing with the IBM AIX Service Strategy.

These are the central documents on our topic: http://public.dhe.ibm.com/common/ssi/ecm/en/pow03060usen/POW03060USEN.PDF https://www14.software.ibm.com/webapp/set2/sas/f/best/aix_service_strategy_v3.pdf

And this is for SUMA: http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/resources/systems_p_os_aix_whitepapers_suma.pdf

Here is another "Best Practices" paper containing information on how to use the various service tools: http://rdsrc.us/qrhP6d

The actual process of applying service to AIX is rather simple with SMIT.

Once you downloaded a package (or a single Security fix) just run

"smitty install_update"

You can the choose between installing new software components ("Install Software"), applying a TL or SP package ("Update Installed Software to Latest Level (Update All)") or to install single fixes (" Update Software by Fix").

The following menus all require specifying the directory you downloaded the software to, and several additional options which you can mostly leave on their defaults, except for the option "ACCEPT new license agreements?" where you must always specify "yes" ("no" is the default).

The update process will then run automatically, and at the end you will be informed whether a reboot at a time of your choice will be required (a reboot is always required after applying a TL or SP).

The starting point for installing Emergency Fixes is slightly different, you will reach the appropriate menus with "smitty emgr".


The easiest way to apply patches (AIX speaks of updates) would be - after having downloaded them from somewhere:

# smitty update_all

And answer the questions in the dialogs that follow.

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