I'm using the following code to get a nice prompt (including git information etc.):

function set_prompt {
    # magic happens in here ;)

export PROMPT_COMMAND='set_prompt'

However, sometimes I get the following warning after using certain programs that make heavy use of bash internally:

bash: set_prompt: command not found

One good example for this is Gentoo's package manager emerge which shows that error when it exists. It's not a big deal - just looks ugly and doesn't break anything. But I'd like to get rid of it anyway.

I assume it happens because the PROMPT_COMMAND environment variable is inherited by emerge's shells but the function isn't.

Is there some way to make the PROMPT_COMMAND variable as not inheritable? Or another way to avoid this annoying issue?

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Don't export PROMPT_COMMAND to the environment. The environment is for variables that are meaningful to all programs. But PROMPT_COMMAND is only useful in bash, so leave it as a shell variable. There's no point in having it be inherited by descendant instances of bash, either: PROMPT_COMMAND is only useful in interactive instances of bash, and they all read .bashrc anyway.


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