I am trying to create a variable with multiple values, and use it in a command that will execute these values one by one.


value=(a, b, c, d, e)

By using echo "$value" I would like these values to be passed on to echo one by one.

When I use ARRAY=(a, b, c, d, e), they all get executed at once. Which I'm trying to avoid.

Any ideas?

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    Then loop through the array with a for. By the way, no comma between the values. (Or those values actually contain the commas too?) – manatwork Dec 20 '13 at 19:31
# declare the array
ARRAY=( a "b c" d e )

# to get the elements out of the array, use this syntax:
#   "${ARRAY[@]}" -- with the quotes

for element in "${ARRAY[@]}"; do
    echo "$element"
b c
  • Works great, thx. – Danijel Jan 16 at 13:41

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