In my previous question I have learned how to implement trash functionality in mutt.

unset confirmappend
folder-hook . set trash="=trash"
folder-hook trash$ unset trash

That works well, except that I have to confirm every deletion. I would like it to work without the delete confirmation. So that I only need to press d and then $ to sync, without being asked for confirmation.

Can somebody please suggest how to do it?

set delete=yes

That didn't work for me.

I have a different trash setting, so maybe it won't work for you. I did:

set confirmappend=no
folder-hook . 'macro index d "<save-message>=INBOX.Trash<enter>"'
folder-hook =trash 'macro index d <delete-message>' 

I guess you should remove from your configuration:

unset confirmappend

Found this in .muttrc

# delete without confirmation
set delete=yes

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