Since I tried installing Plymouth (boot splash), I'm facing two problems :

  • It's not working
  • My Virtual Terminals (tt1 - 6) aren't working anymore

Here what I did :

  1. Added plymouth hook (after base udev and autostart) to mkinitcpio and ran mkinitcpio
  2. Defined the theme to be "spinfinity".
  3. Disabled slim service and enabled slim-plymouth service.
  4. Added splash to kernel parameter in grub.cfg

I already had Intel driver in KMS (i915).

Linux is just booting as it was booting before (HDD alerts => SLiM) and nothing more. When I'm trying to enter a VT, equally before or after logging, It just displays a blinking cursor (or HDD Alerts for tty1).

How to solve this ?

  • Which version of plymouth are you using? The git version may be buggy, because the same problem happened for me. I didn't try the other version because of limitations, but you could try that. – user56068 Jan 6 '14 at 17:40

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