I have hosted my web application in VPS Cent OS. Its working well, in that application if a vendor registered or any events occurs between users and website, admin needs to send emails regarding the event, password, order details, etc. I need to configure the settings to do that. I am a database administrator, this is new to me. FYI:

  1. Email hosted in another third party server (Business mail).
  2. I am accessing the server using putty.

I have doubt that, if I redirected the domain name from email server (business mail), if it will work, whether the Cent OS Sendmail or Postfix will work similar to using my business mail?

I just need to send mails from the application using my business id ([email protected]). For remaining emails (contact/info/support) I need to access the same server as I am using now.

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That should match all your expections .

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