I have an Arduino sending serial data to the computer. I'm able to view the data using a Serial console. But, I want to be able to log it with time stamp.

I want a ready made script or program that logs serial data with time-stamp automatically without me having to change much or mess with code.


You can use the ts program from moreutils to add a timestamp to each line.

{ echo foo; sleep 1; echo bar; } | ts
Dec 13 01:07:23 foo
Dec 13 01:07:24 bar

To read from the serial port and output to a file:

ts </dev/ttyS0 >arduino.log

(Replace /dev/ttyS0 by the right path for the serial port device, .)

  • Thanks! Grabserial offers a lot more customization, including the ability to show offests and differences with different base times, restarting the logging based on patterns in the output, modifying serial line settings, etc. – nealmcb Oct 15 at 0:29

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