I have created following file with name test.sh


name = "Elvin John Paul"
echo $name
echo ${name#* }
echo ${name##* }
echo ${name% *}
echo ${name%% *}

and I am getting some error as below. enter image description here

can anyone tell me what wrong I am doing?


There are two things wrong:

  • You cannot use spaces around the assignment operator. As your script currently is, bash interprets the line to mean "run name with the arguments = and Elvin John Paul". The line should look like the following:
name="Elvin John Paul"
  • You have Windows-style line endings (CRLF instead of just LF), which results in the error about $'\r'. In recent Cygwin versions, you can use set -o igncr to ignore carriage returns as part of a CR LF, or you can fix this with sed like so:
sed 's/\r$//' file > file2

Please remove the space on either side of the = symbol. Unlike many other programming languages, that space around the assignment operator matters in Bash and other shell scripts.

The correct code should be:

name="Elvin John Paul"

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