I am looking at a todo / project / task management application for Linux that goes beyond making a simple list of tasks with check boxes.

What I'm looking for is an application that will also allow me to follow up on tasks (for examples task T = "send an email to John"), when complete it should also follow up on a response from John.

It should also help me organising tasks in different projects.

The only applications I found so far are so so and do not really improve upon the simple pen and paper list.

Do you have any suggestions?

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I can wholeheartedly recommend Getting Things GNOME!. Its design philosophy is based on David Allen’s work "Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity". Don’t be misled by its name; it works equally fine with desktop environments other than GNOME. For example, I use it with XFCE.

Apart from the project homepage, you will also find useful information about gtg over at the dedicated GNOME wiki page. This includes keyboard shortcuts and an explanation about how the QuickAdd entry works.

Furthermore, gtg saves all its data in XML-formatted text files. Because of this wise design decision, distributed revision control can easily be implemented. I did so with Hg Mercurial. Now, I can access my task list from any system which does not necessarily need to be connected to the internet at all times. Synchronisation is eventually done over SSH protocol, which guarantees privacy. Merges are handled automatically most of the time.

To get you up to speed with hg, here is a small collection of links to more Mercurial tutorials. Of course, Mercurial becomes superfluous if gtg is used on a single client or LAN.

Finally, Getting Things GNOME! is very easy to learn; it comes seeded with a concise self-contained tutorial in task form!

gtg screenshot


taskcoach is a GUI based todo manager that has had an active development for a long time.

If you are more into commandline and textfile base ToDo list look at todo.txt (it has some applications that handle the format as well).


TracWiki: Project Management System

TracWiki is a light-weight project management wiki-portal which runs over HTTP ports.

enter image description here

Install Guide

  • Light-Weight
  • Easy Setup
  • Modular (Multiple Projects)
  • Hot-Copy Backups On-The-Fly
  • Non-Invasive (Standard Wiki Formatting, similar to StackExchange Markup)
  • Tickets
  • Tasks
  • Road-Maps
  • Mile-Stones

Install Guide derived from Link to Install Guide

Package Dependencies:

  • Python, greater than or equal to v.2.5 and less than v.3.0 (2.5, 2.6, or 2.7)

    $ tar xvfz .tar.gz $ cd $ python setup.py build_static install

  • setuptools, version greater than or equal to v.0.6

  • Genshi, version greater than or equal to 0.6

Setting Project Directory

$ trac-admin /path/to/my/project initenv

Running the Stand-Alone Server

$ tracd --port 8000 /path/to/my/project

Running the Stand-Alone Server with Authentication

$ tracd -p 8000 --basic-auth="myprojectname,/path/to/my/project/.htpasswd,myprojectname" /path/to/my/project

Generate .htpasswd Files

Use This Tool to Generate your User and Password for the .htpasswd File.

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