I have fedora based linux machines in a closed network. In one of the lab machines, I am getting the below error.

Mount to NFS server failed. System error: No route to host

I restarted the nfs, nfslock and portmap services. I restarted the iptables service. I also disabled the iptables service and restarted the machine. I compared the contents of the below files from another perfectly working client.


ping/ssh from the affected machine to the server and other clients is working fine. rpcinfo -p gives the same output as I get in the other client machines.

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I did the command service autofs restart once the system booted. I was able to login as the LDAP user with the user's home directory getting mounted from the centralized server. I believe when the system was booting, the NFS was not ready and that is the reason I was getting mount to NFS server failed.

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