I just moved from Ubuntu to Debian Wheezy and I thought I'd be finally free of all the unnecessary clutter. I guess I was wrong. Here is the situation:

In the Downloads folder, Nautilus displays the following message:

Personal File Sharing

You can receive files over Bluetooth into this folder

enter image description here

I'd really like that to go away. My PC is not bluetooth-enabled, and even if it were, I'd figure out a way to share my files without the constant reminder. But I digress. Here's what I've tried so far:

  • The launch preferences dialog doesn't seem to make the notification go away, even when I enable sharing over the non-existent bluetooth device
  • Nautilus' Preferences dialog doesn't present a relevant option
  • Removing the bluez package via synaptic threatens to take the entire Gnome desktop with it. Same with trying to remove gedit or, indeed, nautilus. I feel like having Jules Winnfield over my head saying "I dare you. I double dare you".

In my previous Ubuntu installation I managed to remove bluetooth-related packages by switching to Thunar (and getting rid of the entire Unity family). This time I'd like to keep Nautilus if possible. The presence of a bluetooth package is something I can deal with later, what I'm worried about is the notification. Is there any way to make it go away?


I decided to manually remove dependencies from the .deb files. Using this for guidance, I removed pretty much all but the most fundamental packages (such as X11 or sound packages) from gnome, gnome-core and task-gnome-desktop. I must have missed something though because removing unwanted packages such as bluetooth still wanted to take away Gnome.

Update 2:

It turns out neither gnome nor gnome-core are essential to the system. In fact, from what I can tell, their only job is to provide dependencies and recommendations. I went ahead and purged them. This cased aptitude to see a bunch of useful packages as "no longer needed" and required to set the "manual install" flag on the ones I wanted - fair enough. A happy side-effect, bluetooth-related packages are gone.

I did get rid of nautilus-share though as @grawity suggested. This did not affect the notification at all. The problem remains. After a re-login, the offending area had vanished.

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The package is either nautilus-share or gnome-user-share.

  • It's gnome-user-share in my case, but it too wants to take away the gnome and gnome-core packages.
    – rath
    Dec 8, 2013 at 15:07
  • The task-gnome-desktop and gnome are just meta-packages.. you can safely remove them... They'll packages the meta-package depends on will show up under "Installed (auto removeable)", so don't run apt-get autoremove or just mark them as nolonger not-auto-installed in synaptic.
    – jonasfj
    Sep 21, 2014 at 21:49

I browsed around the Gnome settings and discovered the following:

Go to "Settings" → "Bluetooth network" → "Turn off"

Voilà! That blue eye-popping offer disappeared immediately.

  • Well, thank you for the edition @G-Man Looks somewhat better.
    – Rado
    Nov 16, 2016 at 9:42

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