We have a small linux cluster (12 machines). Before we populate our database (then create a report from database contents) we would like to spell check a few files. The problem I have is some fields in the text file will contain lists of drugs and other medical terms and other acronyms that the spell checker will automatically think is a spelling error. Eg the line


When I issue the command aspell --lang en_GB check filename

It doesn't recognise most of these drugs?

Is it possible to create a wordlist (i.e a text file containing a list of accepted drugs and acronyms) that aspell can use so that: (a) it ignores incorrectly spelled drugs (b) If a drug is mis-spelled it suggests the correctly spelled version


Yes, you can add a personal wordlist with the --personal=FILE or -p parameter:

aspell -p /path/to/my/wordlist check /path/to/the/file/to/check

Your personal wordlist should have one word per line.

If you do not want to type the option each time, you can add it to your ~/.aspell.conf or /etc/aspell.conf.

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