I recently upgraded a minimal installation of Ubuntu (with no full-fledged DE) from precise to saucy and since doing so I'm no longer able to mount removable drives as a normal user. I googled a bit and found it's something related to policykit... but I can't find any example of how to invoke policykit in an .xinitrc file, i.e., without using a display manager. Also, the Ubuntu repos have the following packages:


and they each have similar descriptions, so I'm not even sure which of them I should install.

Does anyone using startx/xinit to start X have a working config with policykit and/or instructions they can share?

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If you want to launch policykit in your X session, you may add the following line in your home/user/.xinitrc

 /usr/lib/policykit-1/polkitd --no-debug

When lauching the startx command, this should start the policykit daemon directly with your X session.

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