Ok. Running a version of LDME with a kernel of 3.11-2-amd64 ( basically debian testing).

Suddenly with the installation of this particular kernel the module ppa.ko is gone. Further an apt-file search shows that this module does not exist.

Anyone know what is happening?


This was disabled in the 3.11 build of the debian package. From the package's changelog:

  • Disable parport drivers that are no longer likely to be useful:
    • block: Disable PARIDE
    • media: Disable VIDEO_BWQCAM, VIDEO_CQCAM, VIDEO_W9966
    • SCSI: Disable SCSI_IMM, SCSI_PPA

This means the the maintainer no longer felt that Iomega Zip drive support was still useful for Debian users. If you feel this is incorrect, you can file a wishlist bug against the package in the Debian Bug Tracking System.

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