I'm running Crunchbang Linux (a variant of Debian)

Whenever I plug in a drive, it gets mounted to /media/username/UUID-or-Name. Is there a way to instead mount it to /media/UUID-or-Name?

Crunchbang comes with thunar-volman installed by default, and I think it's what mounts the drives automatically, but there's no setting I can find that determines where drives are mounted, only whether or not they're mounted.


From my experience the automounting has the path /media hardcoded into the automounting tool.

See this previously asked question about Thunar, titled: Make thunar mount drives into /media rather than /run/media/username?.

This question too is relevant, titled: Auto-mounting to a directory other than /media in Fedora 13

This was also the case when I looked into doing this with GNOME and the Nautilus automounter for USB drives. It always puts them under /media too, and it isn't configurable.

I think the easiest thing to in your case is to create a link at /media/BLAH that links to /media/username/BLAH.

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