Is there some performace monitoring tool which would run in background gathering info about all system activity? Somethimes my system (Arch linux, 32 bit) slows down terribly and the top utility doesn't show anything.

I imagine some daemon which would gather info and log it, so when the slowdown pass away I would be able to find what was the problem.

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How about sar?


The slowdown might not have been caused by CPUs being utilized. Check iotop for IO utilization.

  • I suppose so. The problem is that often the top starts after the slowdown passes away (it is that bad), I suppose the iotop will have the same problem. But thanks anyway, I will certainly try it.
    – Adam Trhon
    Mar 30, 2011 at 12:05

There are a lot of them. If you want it to be basic and command-line, take a loot to sar. Or you could use some monitoring tool with nice web ui. Personally I prefer zabbix, there are also monitorix (very simple to setup), nagios, zenoss and many others.

Monitorix is probably what you want on this point.


Consider installing munin. It will monitor a wide variety of data and provide graphical output. This is better for monitoring trends.

You may also want to consider run sar in the background. It can identify a number of issues including CPU, I/O, swap, and other issues. If you are experiencing problems, this may be your best for your current situation.


There are a number of open source solutions like those mentioned above (munin, zabbix, nagios, OpenTSDB). There are also commercial solutions like Metrink, DataDog, and New Relic. You'll really want to find something that can monitor more than just CPU and disk, as the problem can be in any number of places.

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