I'm facing a small issue here. I'm doing :

cd $(find . -type d | grep "${4:0:4}.*${4:4:2}.*${4:6:2}")

$4 is a data entered from the user. However, if the user doesn't respect the format to enter, it will do : cd Then, my $? will be 0 and not 1, and it will cd to my home. I'd like to introduce this in my error case to (by error case, I mean : if $? = 1). How can I do that ?

  • just test the pwd result after the cd ? – Kiwy Nov 28 '13 at 13:02

You can do it in two steps:

newdir="$(find . -type d | grep "${4:0:4}.*${4:4:2}.*${4:6:2}")"
if [ -z "$newdir" ];then
    # error out here
    cd "$newdir"

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