I am going to have all my data transferred to a new PC. Is it possible to transfer the command history of the previous Linux to the new system as well? So that when I type the history command, I get the same results as I did on the old system.


If you're using Bash then the history is kept in the file, .bash_history, in your home directory.

This file can be copied from one system to another, it's just a text file.


$ tail -4 ~/.bash_history
alias|grep cdc

The file is filled with lines that include a timestamp followed by the command that ran at that timestamp.

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    It may be worth noting that the history file can be stored elsewhere, if the HISTFILE environment variable is re-set. Its default is certainly ~/.bash_history, however. – a CVn Nov 24 '13 at 21:27

If you transfer the home directory contents as well, then yes. In bash it's /home/user/.bash_history, for example.

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