I am able to bind Ctrl-Alt-[a-z] using M-C-a, M-C-b etc.

However, when I attempt to bind Ctrl-Alt and a number key I get:

.tmux.conf: 45: unknown key: M-C-0

Any idea why? I'm running tmux ver 1.7

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The problem is that tmux does not expect a control0.

In key_string_lookup_string, it strips off the modifiers, and then (because you have the control modifier) tries to convert it from something like ^A (see source code). But ASCII digits range from 48 to 57, and you can see from the code that tmux will not accept a digit, returning KEYC_UNKNOWN (a failure):

/* Convert the standard control keys. */
if (key < KEYC_BASE && (modifiers & KEYC_CTRL) && !strchr(other, key)) {
    if (key >= 97 && key <= 122)
        key -= 96;
    else if (key >= 64 && key <= 95)
        key -= 64;
    else if (key == 32)
        key = 0;
    else if (key == 63)
        key = KEYC_BSPACE;
        return (KEYC_UNKNOWN);
    modifiers &= ~KEYC_CTRL;

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