I'm new for FreeBSD and currently I'm installing many ports and many of them have a long list of dependencies, I'm tired of wait to finish the installation of one dependency to configure the installation of the next dependency.

Is there a way to facilitate this task ?


I had the same question asking myself some time ago, and I wrote an article how you can do this.

First of all, you can run

make -DBATCH install clean

to accept default configuration for all packages (for dependencies too). If you want to configure all dependencies you can run

make config-recursive

You have to run

make config-recursive

as many times as needed to configure all dependencies. This happens because while you are configuring dependencies, these dependencies may have more dependencies that need to be installed and configured.

Then you can run

make install clean

After all, in case you want to reconfigure or delete configuration you have to run:

make rmconfig-recursive

You can also take a look at my article: http://www.webplay.pro/blog/freebsd-make-install-clean-accept-default-config.html


There is a way : make config-recursive. Downvoting because you didn't bother to use a search engine.


You should check ports-mgmt/portmaster. You can configure and install a port with its dependencies with a simple portmaster foo/bar.

Other possibility is ports-mgmt/portupgrade.

Check the documentation too :)

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