I have a DIR-825 router based on Atheros AR7161 (MIPS) running DD-WRT v24-sp2 std. How can I compile and install iperf on it? Can I compile it directly on the target device, or do I have to cross compile it and then transfer the binary to the target device? Is this possible, and where do I begin? What kind of tools do I need? What's involved in doing something like this?

Side note: I have limited knowledge of Linux, so please provide as thorough answer as possible, and not just some external links. If you do post a link, make sure it links to some article or a blog post that thoroughly explains the process.

  • Do Linux based firmwares like DD-WRT have a native compiler? So far I have only found the source files (e.g. iperf-3.0.tar.gz) for iperf. If there is no native compiler, then chances are that I will need to cross compile that with x86 as host and MIPS as target. I will need a cross compiling environment set up on my desktop. This seems like a very complicated and time consuming task. So for now, I will probably put this on the shelf among other unfinished projects. If there's another way to run iperf on DD-WRT, please fill me in. – Samir Nov 18 '13 at 23:49

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