I have the following two lines that work ok:

/\.to <\=/ s/<\=/be <\=/
/\.to_not <\=/ s/<\=/be <\=/

I would like to combine them and I tried:

/\.to( |_not )<\=/ s/<\=/be <\=/

but it doesn't match. What should I change?

I also tried /\.to(\s|_not )<\=/ s/<\=/be <\=/


In sed, you must escape the parentheses and |.

/\.to\( \|_not \)<\=/ s/<\=/be <\=/

Alternatively, in your example you could use ? (also escaped):

/\.to\(_not\)\? <\=/ s/<\=/be <\=/
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    but you don't need to escape the = – rici Nov 14 '13 at 23:36

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