I tried searching for this but came out empty-handed. Is it possible for me to get my terminal emulator to display right-to-left Unicode grapheme clusters properly?

Use case: I'm writing a script that outputs Arabic letters to the terminal and it's currently outputting the glyphs in reverse order, which messes up the way they're supposed to connect, making them visually difficult to read.

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I haven't used it as I don't speak Arabic, but this gets decent reviews: http://mlterm.sourceforge.net/

See also:

A Quick Primer on Unicode and Software Internationalization under Linux and Unix.


konsole does and supports bidirectional writing

  • I just tried it and it does. Thank you for your input.
    – Joseph R.
    Sep 28, 2014 at 8:13
  • Yes but not ZWJ grapheme cluster.
    – noraj
    Aug 17 at 9:47

konsole supports it as built-in, BUT on other terminal emulators, you need to install BiCon (bidirectional console).


GNOME Terminal version 3.34 supports right to left scripts, and so do other VTE-based emulators (e.g. Tilix, Terminator, Xfce Terminal, Guake...) if using VTE version 0.58.

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