Is there any open source version of firmware for ebook readers or maybe project like RockBox?

AFAIK most of e-ink readers runs linux, so maybe exists at least one model of e-reader with an open specification and/or drivers for which you can build your own custom linux ?


Yes, there exists some information. The driver for the e-ink display is broadsheetfb. However, attempting to do it is probably non-trivial since this is not something that is commonly done.

That said, good luck and if you succeed in this, please post details!


There is a project called OpenInkPot (http://morgue.openinkpot.org), which seems to be quite dead now (see http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?s=6a5352bf5e25c68ecc88d06ce5f7eb21&t=202855). It is still usable on some older devices.


There is a project called fred.ink https://fread.ink/

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