In my ubuntu 12.04 set-up, there are lots of wallpaper images in the directory /usr/share/wallpapers. For example, one might be


What I want to do is travel through the wallpapers directory, pick out all the images of size 1600x... or 1680x... and copy them to another folder, but renamed, so that the above image would end up being called Leafs_Labyrinth1600x1200.jpg.

I can't use find alone here; I expect I need to use some sort of shell script, of which I have very little experience. Is there an easy "natural" way to do this?


This should work based on the details of your question. You can save the following in a file, change mydirectory to the name of your target folder, and then run bash name_of_script:


# * matches any string | [08] matches 0 and 8
for image in /usr/share/wallpapers/*/contents/images/16[08]0x*.jpg; do
    # create variables by cutting $image in pieces separated by /
    name=$(awk -F/ '{print $5}' <<<$image)
    file=$(awk -F/ '{print $8}' <<<$image)

    # copy to "mydirectory"
    cp "$image" mydirectory/"$name""$file"

The same can be simplified like this:

for image in /usr/share/wallpapers/*/contents/images/16[08]0x*.jpg; do
    cp "$image" mydirectory/"$(awk -F/ '{print $5 $8}' <<<$image)"

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