i have a DVD's content on my HDD: i have these 2 usually folders, ok:


I just can't google a working way to extract the audio from the DVD. the howtos usually write about when the dvd is in the ODD. but i have it on my HDD, and don't want to burn it to a dvd (there are several dvd's exactly).
Are there any good way to extract the audio part from the DVD?

my original problem is that i want to convert them to h263 "AVI". But theres no sound when i open them with avidemux. but: i can import sound files to avidemux, if i had them.


mplayer dvd://1 -dvd-device /path/to/copy_on_hdd/ -dumpaudio -dumpfile audio.ac3

  • Error parsing option on the command line: -dvd-device=/path/to/copy_on_hdd/ MPlayer SVN-r31628-4.4.4 (C) 2000-2010 MPlayer Team – LanceBaynes Mar 27 '11 at 9:31
  • Oh, it seems it should be without '=', but with space. I've updated answer – rvs Mar 27 '11 at 10:06
  • yep..i'm an idiot i didn't tried that one out.. :) THX! – LanceBaynes Mar 30 '11 at 16:39

K9Copy is a powerful graphical tool that can read a VIDEO_TS directory structure (or a DVD) and produce (re-encode) MPEG-4 video files. It also supports MPEG-2 extraction, as well as Audio extraction, which is useful for creating lossless backups.

It is available in the Fedora repository. To install K9Copy on Ubuntu, you need to enable the multiverse repository.

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