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Arch equvilentequivalent of Debian `dpkg-divert`

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Arch equvilent of Debian `dpkg-divert`

I am trying to configure Skype on Arch Linux to use a sand boxed user no matter which user calls skype, but I don't particularly like the use of a BASH alias to launch Skype as suggested by the wiki since as far as I can tell if a user is not using BASH or invokes Skype from skype.desktop, the sand boxed user will not be used. I thought it might be better to divert /usr/bin/skype to call

sudo -u skype /usr/bin/skype.real

where skype.real is the actual Skype binary. I am pretty sure in Debian I could do this with

dpkg-divert --package skype --add --rename --divert /usr/sbin/skype.real /usr/sbin/skype

and then add my own file to /usr/sbin/skype. How do I do this with Arch?