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Top new questions this week:

What's the POSIX-compliant way to get the epoch timestamp in a shell?

I just noticed, that POSIX date doesn't seem to have the %s or %N format items. So I can't use those. What's an alternative, yet POSIX-compliant way to get the epoch timestamp in my shell script?

shell-script date posix timestamps time  
asked by finefoot Score of 15
answered by Stéphane Chazelas Score of 24

Delete a file called '.env'$'\r'

I have no idea what created this file - I guess a terrible shell script. It is called '.env'$'\r' I have tried various versions of rm, and the technique of opening the direcory with vim ./, selecting ...

filenames rm delete  
asked by DefenestrationDay Score of 10
answered by ilkkachu Score of 16

Find all “real” filesystems mounted in a directory tree

How do I discover, for a given top-level directory, which “real” filesystems are mounted there, and from which devices (may include UUID or LABEL, but must use /dev/something for LVM)? Background is ...

mount fstab  
asked by mirabilos Score of 6
answered by cg909 Score of 8

What is correct or suggested approach to send the signal name through 'kill' command?

I read many tutorials about the use of kill command, mostly 3 approaches kill -15 <pid> kill -SIGTERM <pid> kill -TERM <pid> For scripts purposes and for portability with macos too, ...

linux kill signals options  
asked by Manuel Jordan Score of 6
answered by Stephen Kitt Score of 11

Debian: "dpkg -l" name field sometimes includes arch/abi, sometimes not. Why?

(trimmed) dpkg -l output on a recent debian bullseye (v11.3) machine: SE Name Version Arch Description ii bind9-host 1:9.16.27-1~deb11u1 amd64 DNS Lookup Utility ii ...

debian dpkg  
asked by jaimet Score of 6
answered by Stephen Kitt Score of 9

Different behavior between SSH into VM and running SSH commands from script

I'm relatively new to shell scripting, so I apologize if this seems like a simple question to ask. I have a linux VM (debian, version 11 (bullseye)) that I can ssh into (ssh <ip>), installed a ...

bash debian ssh  
asked by Frank Pinto Score of 5
answered by terdon Score of 9

POSIX shell comment vs line continuation

Edit to clarify my question: POSIX says: If a <newline> follows the (unquoted) <backslash>, the shell shall interpret this as line continuation. The <backslash> and <newline> ...

shell posix  
asked by quasar Score of 5
answered by Kusalananda Score of 7

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I remove a directory and all its contents?

In bash all I know is that rmdir directoryname will remove the directory but only if it's empty. Is there a way to force remove subdirectories?

bash rm  
asked by Piper Score of 195
answered by Phillip Nordwall Score of 291

How to get the complete and exact list of mounted filesystems in Linux?

I usually use mount to check which filesystems are mounted. I also know there is some connection between mount and /etc/mtab but I'm not sure about the details. After reading How to check if /proc/ is ...

linux filesystems mount  
asked by xanpeng Score of 215

What DNS servers am I using?

How can I check which DNS server am I using (in Linux)? I am using network manager and a wired connection to my university's LAN. (I am trying to find out why my domain doesn't get resolved)

networking dns  
asked by Grzenio Score of 362
answered by Lonnie Best Score of 285

How can I run a command which will survive terminal close?

Sometimes I want to start a process and forget about it. If I start it from the command line, like this: redshift I can't close the terminal, or it will kill the process. Can I run a command in such ...

command-line terminal process background-process  
asked by Matthew Score of 423
answered by Steven D Score of 437

How to force ssh client to use only password auth?

If I use pubkey auth from e.g.: an Ubuntu 11.04 how can I set the ssh client to use only password auth to a server? (just needed because of testing passwords on a server, where I default log in with ...

ssh password key-authentication  
asked by LanceBaynes Score of 582
answered by scoopr Score of 904

Unable to locate package `docker-ce` on a 64bit ubuntu

I'm trying to install Docker on a Ubuntu 64 machine following the official installation guide. Sadly Ubuntu seems it is not able to locate the docker-ce package. Any idea to fix it or at least to ...

ubuntu apt software-installation docker  
asked by danidemi Score of 120
answered by GAD3R Score of 244

How to copy files from one machine to another using ssh

I'm using Linux (centos) machine, I already connected to the other system using ssh. Now my question is how can I copy files from one system to another system? Suppose, in my environment, I have two ...

ssh file-copy  
asked by user3021349 Score of 1093
answered by DopeGhoti Score of 1487

Can you answer these questions?

Why does Windows 11 change the UEFI boot order?

I am dual booting a Dell Precision 7520 with Fedora 35 and Windows. Worked fine with Windows 10. "Up"graded to Windows 11 and now every time I boot into W11 it puts its own boot loader ahead ...

windows grub2 dual-boot uefi  
asked by Gordon Score of 1

Finding the 'tools' filesystem mounted on /init in WSL2

I have been using linux for a couple of years now, and thought I'd give WSL2 a try. Something that surprised me was how I could run Windows PE binaries (*.exe files) 'just so'. A bit of research led ...

mount windows windows-subsystem-for-linux  
asked by Suraaj K S Score of 1
answered by NotTheDr01ds Score of -1

Is REISUB/REISUO to switch off/reboot safe?

I can't happen to find a fix to shutdown or reboot my Zorin OS 16.1. So far I have been using REISUB or REISUO as a quick fix. I was wondering if it can cause harm to my laptop in the longrun if I ...

grub shutdown reboot zorin  
asked by Aravinth Balakrishnan Score of 1
answered by Artem S. Tashkinov Score of 0
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