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Top new questions this week:

How does Linux's display work?

The Linux's display system, uses multiple technology, protocols, extensions, applications, servers (daemon), drivers and concepts to achieve the windowing system for instance: Xorg, Wayland, X11, ...

linux xorg xrandr resolution wayland  
asked by intika 28 votes
answered by intika 28 votes

How to install Linux on multiple PCs at once?

I need to install Linux OS on 30 PCs. Is there any way to install from one ISO image with multicast or something like WDS in Microsoft? I have a Ethernet connection with speed of 100Mb so installing ...

linux system-installation multicast  
asked by Amir Sabeghi 8 votes
answered by Krackout 2 votes

What does "-p \; -quit" mean with -exec?

What does find . exec /bin/bash -p \; -quit mean? I already know that when it finds something (a file?) with a . it executes /bin/bash. Has -p something to do with /bin/bash or the find command? ...

bash shell find  
asked by infinitecodes 7 votes
answered by Stéphane Chazelas 14 votes

How to undefine a zsh command created accidentally?

I wanted to search for the string '.vars()' in all my Python files, and somehow I redefined 'grep' as follows: % grep .vars() *.py % which grep ...

zsh function  
asked by Bruno Kim 7 votes
answered by Andy Dalton 14 votes

less - How to set some offset between first line on screen and the matchin line when searching?

Very often happens that I do $ man someprogram to inspect the manual for some program. Often I also want to search for something in there, and I simply hit / and write whatever I want to search for. ...

search less scrolling pager  
asked by Enrico Maria De Angelis 5 votes
answered by laktak 10 votes

Modify file names in tar file without extracting files to temporary location

I have a tar file that contains some files in a folder named old_name. Now I'd like to create a new tar file where that folder has been renamed to new_name without extracting to file to disk as that ...

command-line tar command  
asked by BrainStone 4 votes
answered by laktak 1 vote

Grep all lines with exactly one instance of a specific character

I want to grep all lines with only one "#" in a line. Example: xxx#aaa#iiiii xxxxxxxxx#aaa #xxx#bbb#111#yy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx# xxx#x #x#v#e# Should give this output xxxxxxxxx#aaa ...

text-processing awk sed grep  
asked by Torsten 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I remove a directory and all its contents?

In bash all I know is that rmdir directoryname will remove the directory but only if it's empty. Is there a way to force remove subdirectories?

bash rm  
asked by piperchester 157 votes
answered by Phillip Nordwall 243 votes

How to switch between users on one terminal?

I'd like to log in as a different user without logging out of the current one (on the same terminal). How do I do that?

login users  
asked by tshepang 564 votes
answered by Pratt 660 votes

Match exact string using grep

I have a text file: deiauk 1611516 afsdf 765 minkra 18415151 asdsf 4152 linkra sfsfdsfs sdfss 4555 deiauk1 sdfsfdsfs 1561 51 deiauk2 115151 5454 4 deiauk 1611516 afsdf ddfgfgd luktol1 4545 4 9 luktol ...

asked by user3334375 83 votes

ssh-add complains: Could not open a connection to your authentication agent

I've been trying to get ssh-add working on a RaspberryPi running Raspbian. I can start ssh-agent, when I do it gives the following output into the terminal: ...

command-line ssh ssh-agent  
asked by Daniel Groves 166 votes
answered by Stéphane Chazelas 251 votes

How to know number of cores of a system in Linux?

I wanted to find out how many cores my system has, so I searched the same question in Google. I got some commands such as the lscpu command. When I tried this command, it gave me the following result: ...

linux cpu  
asked by Mr ASquare 263 votes
answered by user1403360 132 votes

How to copy a file from a remote server to a local machine?

In my terminal shell, I ssh'ed into a remote server, and I cd to the directory I want. Now in this directory, there is a file called table that I want to copy to my local machine /home/me/Desktop. ...

scp cp  
asked by omega 302 votes
answered by heemayl 476 votes

How can I pass a command line argument into a shell script?

I know that shell scripts just run commands as if they were executed in at the command prompt. I'd like to be able to run shell scripts as if they were functions... That is, taking an input value or ...

command-line shell-script function  
asked by Paul 317 votes
answered by Bruce Ediger 249 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Tmux: How can I create "session > window > pane" and run a command in the pane?

I'd like to do the next from a bash script: Create a session named "my_session". Create a window named "my_window" inside of that session. Create two pans named ...

terminal tmux session window  
asked by Adrian Lopez 1 vote
answered by jeremy 0 votes

Help troubleshoot netowrking fail? Can't connect via wifi or ethernet, ping localhost works, but not pinging any other address

I'm running Peppermint 7 on an old EeePC 4G netbook. Everything was working fine until I noticed a few days ago that it couldn't connect to the internet, even when plugged into my router via ethernet ...

asked by JPTiger 1 vote

Desktop entry to stop a service, launch an application and restart the service when the application is closed

I have an application (OS is Ubuntu 16.04) that basically open the camera do some stuff with the video stream. It's managed by a systemd service: [Unit] Description=My Application After=network.target ...

systemd services  
asked by rok 1 vote
answered by Sudip Ghimire 0 votes
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