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Top new questions this week:

Why does AWK print "0xffffffffbb6002e0" as "ffffffffbb600000" using printf?

I have been experimenting with hex numbers in AWK (gawk), but sometimes when I print them using e.g. printf, they are printed with some LSBs masked out, like in the following example: awk 'BEGIN { x=...

asked by Shuzheng 19 votes
answered by Stephen Kitt 32 votes

Why do all users start in /root instead of their home directories after su as root?

I feel like this should be straightforward but I've never seen anyone ask this that I can tell. The situation is pretty straight forward. Whenever I become a user, ie su user it always starts in /root ...

centos su cwd  
asked by Chris Jones 12 votes
answered by Stephen Kitt 34 votes

Why do ^M and \r behave inconsistently?

Perhaps there are already answers out there that indirectly answer my question, but I've read many of them and haven't yet found a satisfactory answer to this discrepancy. The original meaning of ...

terminal history terminal-emulator ascii control-characters  
asked by mgarort 12 votes
answered by Stephen Kitt 18 votes

Are ∈ and ℝ symbols available in eqn/roff?

A set of commonly used symbols to represent that a variable belongs to a given real coordinate space are ∈ ("ELEMENT OF", Unicode U+2208) and ℝ ("DOUBLE-STRUCK CAPITAL R", Unicode ...

unicode special-characters groff roff  
asked by M.E. 7 votes
answered by meuh 4 votes

Block Screen Sharing

Is there any part of my system that I can block access to from the firefox process on a Linux system that will break screen sharing? I noticed during a video call that Firefox has the ability to do ...

x11 xorg firefox  
asked by john doe 6 votes
answered by cg909 0 votes

/dev/sda **sometimes** confused with /dev/sdb by smartctl

I have a script - run from cron.daily that gathers SMART stats from two identical SATA SSD's. However, smartctl -A /dev/sda sometimes returns the stats for /dev/sdb - and if does so smartctl -A /dev/...

shell-script shell smartctl  
asked by Jeremy Boden 4 votes
answered by cas 10 votes

Substitute entire line while removing newline of that particular line

I'm trying to substitute (with sed) an entire line containing a specific word and the newline at the end. Here the testfile: this # target for substitution this is a test another test? Now, I already ...

sed regular-expression  
asked by Nordine Lotfi 4 votes
answered by Philippos 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Remove all files/directories except for one file

I have a directory containing a large number of files. I want to delete all files except for file.txt . How do I do this? There are too many files to remove the unwanted ones individually and their ...

asked by Kantura 324 votes
answered by cuonglm 372 votes

Why am I still getting a password prompt with ssh with public key authentication?

I'm working from the URL I found here: http://web.archive.org/web/20160404025901/http://jaybyjayfresh.com/2009/02/04/logging-in-without-a-password-certificates-ssh/ My ssh client is Ubuntu 64 bit 11....

ssh key-authentication  
asked by Thom 570 votes
answered by Rob 697 votes

How to terminate a background process?

I have started a wget on remote machine in background using &. Suddenly it stops downloading. I want to terminate its process, then re-run the command. How can I terminate it? I haven't closed ...

command-line process kill background-process job-control  
asked by Mohammad Etemaddar 253 votes
answered by slm 332 votes

Difference between nohup, disown and &

What are the differences between $ nohup foo and $ foo & and $ foo & $ disown

shell nohup job-control disown  
asked by lesmana 669 votes

How can I instruct yum to install a specific version of package X?

If there are two (or more) versions of a given RPM available in a YUM repository, how can I instruct yum to install the version I want? Looking through the Koji build service I notice that there are ...

package-management yum  
asked by slm 286 votes
answered by slm 395 votes

How to unfreeze after accidentally pressing Ctrl-S in a terminal?

It's a situation that has happened quite often to me: after I press (with a different intention) Ctrl-S in a terminal, the interaction (input or output) with it is frozen. It's probably a kind of "...

terminal keyboard readline scrolling freeze  
asked by imz -- Ivan Zakharyaschev 851 votes
answered by ak2 1018 votes

How do I copy a folder keeping owners and permissions intact?

So I was going to back up my home folder by copying it to an external drive as follows: sudo cp -r /home/my_home /media/backup/my_home With the result that all folders on the external drives are now ...

permissions cp  
asked by Psachnodaimonia 470 votes
answered by guido 569 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Docker fails on a fresh install with linux-ck-skylake kernel

I am using a fresh install of the newest version of Docker on a freshly updated Arch Linux with linux-ck-skylake kernel version 5.12.2-1 but docker fails to run the hello-world image with the error: $ ...

arch-linux docker  
asked by Konrad Höffner 1 vote

I want to join two files and KEEP all the white space

I am trying to join two data files. The first one has 100.000 records where each line represents one person. The second file has 400.000 records where a person in the first file can appear multiple ...

text-processing columns join  
asked by Þórdís Þórarinsdóttir 1 vote
answered by steeldriver 0 votes

Debugging "chroot: failed to load command '<executable_name>'" besides ldd and /proc/<pid>/maps

Trying to run rngd from rng-tools in a chroot environment on Raspberry Pi Zero. Running ldd with the same chroot shows that all dependencies are satisfied: pi@raspberrypi:~/rngd_chroot $ sudo chroot /...

chroot debugging  
asked by axk 1 vote
answered by axk 0 votes
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