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I work on projects that mix computing and physics - I have a pile of experience as a software engineer, but my education, way back in the day, was as an astronomer. And it was research in astronomy that first took me to Chile, where I now live. So I telecommute from Santiago, working with companies in the USA and UK. Currently I'm part of a small team developing software related to geophysics - I guess you could call it a consultancy, but really we're just people that understand what you need and then - importantly! - make it.

Some of my favourite answers:

In every case I learnt something new, which is what's so good about this site :)

comment How to compile my own linux kernel?
could you just clarify if you want to do exactly what you ask, or just run linux in a vm? because linux is more than a kernel, and you don't need to compile a kernel, and, even if you want to do that, there are easier ways than compiling on windows (for example, install a linux distro and then update the kernel). so it's probably best to clarify up front the details...
comment Removing control chars (including console codes / colours) from script output
thanks to both answers. i felt i should make something as a good answer, although both give regexps, which i wanted to avoid. chose this one as it gives a reference for the format.