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comment Why are programs not distributed in compiled format?
this question is just wrong. most software IS distributed in binary format, typically in .rpm or .deb or .tgz packages. The source is also distributed for those who want to compile it themselves or examine it or modify it, or package it for one or more distros. Nobody uses .zip for distributing binaries on linux because .zip files do not support essential information such as user, group, and permissions for the files they contain.
comment How to pass new line command to print the new line in automatic mail
how is this any different to the answer to the question you asked yesterday?…
comment How do I reference all files including hidden files?
fails on unusual filenames with spaces or tabs or newlines etc.
comment Cluster Computer Programming Work
how to split the task really depends on the nature of the programming job. e.g. you might want to split a huge file into small pieces, or parallelise a huge computation with MPI....some apps can automatically break up large jobs and run them on multiple machines in the cluster with MPI (e.g. mpqc for quantum chemistry computation)
comment (standard_in) illegal character when looping through a for loop
anonymous downvoter: if you're going to downvote, at least have the courtesy to explain why? what's so wrong with this answer that it deserves a downvote?
comment Find and list a modified date and time of a file
This Q is tagged /linux. There is no such thing as gfind on linux. stop inflicting your insane naming conventions on everyone else.
comment Cannot mount RAID 5 disks
please show the output of cat /proc/mdstat. do not post a screenshot, copy-paste the text (and while you're at it, replace your screenshot with the text of parted -l. also, edit your question and add the requested output, do not post it as a comment.
comment May I delete all the files created by HPLIP installer after successful installation?
why install it with when hplip is packaged for debian? apt-cache search -n hplip. is there really such an important difference between 3.15.11 and 3.14.6-1+b3?
comment Syntax error for a script that will enter two numbers and echo an output?
There should not be a space between $ and ( on lines 11 and 12. There are obvious logic errors in that script but i guess that's your homework assignment to discover and write about.
comment ffmpeg output.mp4 with size 0
don't post screenshots. copy and paste the text. of the output.
comment Configure public IP addresses in KVM VMs
i answered a similar question about debian kvm host & guest yesterday.… - aside from minor details of interface setup, should be similar on centos.
comment ARJ under GNU/Linux
use tar and split on unix, otherwise you'll lose meta-data like owner, group, permissions, and non-files like hard and symbolic links.
comment Configuring MSAD in RHEL
have you tried using libnss-ldap and libpam-ldap? AD is, or can configured to be, an LDAP server. there are even, IIRC, unix extensions for AD to help support account details needed by unix (such as uid and gid).
comment Bash: remove numbers (strip numeric characters) from string variable
and you're making that judgement on one made up example of VARIABLE=qwe123rty567? OK, right. I made my assessment ("failure to quote your variables") on the basis of none of the OP's examples having quotes around the variables, and the fact that he mentioned white-space as being a problem.
comment Diagnosing regular crashes with data loss?
here's how to do it if you're using rsyslog: - you probably want remote logging of kern.* rather than *.*.
comment Diagnosing regular crashes with data loss?
1. FYI, those ^@ are NUL bytes, \000. 2. do you have another machine on the local network that you can configure your syslogd to send kernel log entries to? that may help.
comment Find all the processes started by a command which contain a specific string
don't count on any of these working if the process you are grepping for is a script that uses /usr/bin/env on the #! line instead of the full path to the interpreter.
comment Can grub2 on an MBR disk boot linux partitions on a GPT disk?
short answer: yes.
comment Bash: remove numbers (strip numeric characters) from string variable
@wildcard. %s by itself, no. more complicated format strings should be quoted, though, so it's a good habit to get into.
comment Telnet BASH script - Some commands are running out of telnet session
use expect or perl's or python's pexpect.