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Realist and pragmatist. Strong-willed and strong-minded. Sometimes taciturn, sometimes loquacious. FLOSS enthusiast but still using Windows. Stuck in the endless process of becoming a Linux wizard.

comment In Ubuntu, is there a way to virtually merge two folders without unionfs or aufs?
@Hounshell: You can do it repeatedly, but it won't work with future renames and such, it's simply a copy, only using symlinks. You can possibly go with hard links as long as "unfortunate places" are on the same filesystem. Your description is quite enigmatic, but to preserve some control I would make this unified location consisting only of links (symbolic or hard, whatever suits you better), so it could be easily cleaned and recreated with simple script using cp -ans from different places to your one "merged" directory. As for your question of folder merging, it will work fine, don't worry.
comment How do I prevent tmux from wrapping around when searching?
@JacobodeVera: Good for you.