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comment Universal extractors
This is exceptionally aesthetically pleasing for a shell function. One caveat would be that you'd want to make sure you've got all the relevant binaries installed, or remove lines for those you don't have installed.
comment How can I install Skype in Fedora 14 64 bits?
How about yum install libXv.i686 ?
comment When does the Puppy linux security model make sense?
The few network services installed by default on Ubuntu or other popular Linux distributions are a trivial vulnerability. Running as root by default is a more significant vulnerability, though significantly mitigated if running an OS from a LiveCD. It is not necessary to run as root if running an OS from a LiveCD, however.
comment When does the Puppy linux security model make sense?
"Shields Up" simply checks the status of a range of ports, as a test for a security problem common on Windows installations ten years ago. Modern operating systems only open ports when they have system services listening on those ports.
comment Why is bash standard on Linux?
As I understand, the POSIX standard specifies required features for the Bourne shell, at /bin/sh, and most Linux distributions depend upon shell scripts written to use the Bourne shell. BASH is at base an enhanced version of the Bourne shell, and /bin/sh is actually a link to /bin/bash, that when executed runs with just the Bourne shell features.
comment Any way to restart a Linux machine via SSH if the root filesystem is not working?
That sounds interesting -- but isn't there a considerable security risk involved? Allowing a server to be rebooted via a single ICMP packet seems like a denial-of-service attack waiting to happen.
comment What is the proper way to automate SSH/local command?
When ssh is used to pass commands, it automatically closes the client session when the commands complete.
comment games directory?
@Gilles, on my Ubuntu system, I notice most of the files in /usr/games are owned by root:root, with the usual permissions. Two are owned by root:games, with the "set group ID" flag.
comment games directory?
@uray, yes, it's "games" as in entertainment and fun stuff. There are occasionally programs that are useful but have a whimsical element, such as xcowsay, which causes a pop-up graphic of a cow with a text message for a user.
comment “supervisory” software for school rooms
Ubuntu includes by default the packages vino, a VNC server, and vinagre, a VNC client. vino can be configured within a GNOME GUI interface; it has to be explicitly set to allow remote connections, optionally with a password. Finding the config file, and editing it on each workstation via a shell script, might be best, but if there are only a small number of student computers, it may be easier to go from computer to computer and set it by hand.
comment Does mkswap check that a partition is a swap partition before formatting it?
The virtual swap space is enctypted with a randomly generated key which doesn't persist between reboots, so the virtual swap space has to be re-created with a new key at each boot.
comment Do rndc keys expire after a year?
At this point, I'll have to write the issue off as an odd glitch that cleared up with a restart.