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I'm a science fiction & fantasy buff and casual tabletop gamer, recently graduated with bachelor's degrees in Computer Engineering and Computer Science (and a Japanese minor on the side).

Python and C++ are currently my preferred programming languages, but I've done some work with Objective-C (iOS apps) and some projects in Javascript (node.js, jQuery, etc.). I have possibly had more experience with Java than with Python or C++, but I have found that tasks that are comparatively elegant in Python and other languages that share similar design concepts (first-class functions, etc.) often require an annoying amount of boilerplate in Java (thankfully, Java 8's lambdas and method references seem like they'll alleviate a decent amount of my annoyances in that regard); I also wish Java had either reified generics or at least a bit more support for static/compile-time code generation like with C++'s templates (at the very least, method overriding based on runtime type would allow a whole lot of Java code that interfaces with non-generic/primitives-only APIs to be less verbose). I'm also trying out Scala and LISP, though I haven't made much progress on that recently.

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comment Where does uname get its information from?
@user237251 how many instances of the word "Linux" occur in the kernel source in string contexts? If it's not that many, you could just examine the results of a textual search and see where that leads you.
comment What are the legitimate uses of the `touch` command?
@Geek By looking at the number and noting that the first part, 20131101, can be broken down into 2013-11-01, or November 1, 2013. You can then assume that the 0000 part indicates a specific time of day, in this case 00 hours, 00 minutes. Or you could just look at the man page for touch, which tells you exactly what the format is (see -t).