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Shadow Radiance


  • Currently working at voices.com (an online marketplace for voice talent).
  • iMac desktop
  • Linux server
  • Technologies: PHP, SQL/MySQL, Apache, HTML, CSS, CodeIgniter, iOS, xCode, Objective-C, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
    • Trying to work toward Ruby
  • Projects:
    • Ongoing web site and web service development
    • iPhone, Blackberry, Android applications
    • QuickBooks, SalesForce integrations


I'm a Canadian programmer working for Voices.com.

I have experience with many programming languages and platforms other than the ones I list above that I work with at the moment (including C, C++, C# and .NET/ASP.NET, Java, Flash/ActionScript, MFC, COM and COM+, T-SQL/MSSQL, Oracle)

I work on a Mac desktop/server and Linux netbook at home.