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At the moment, I am no longer a student. I do have a MS (2014) in Mechanical Engineering (Control Systems), a BS (2011) in Mathematics, and a BS (2011) in Finance. I am interested in PDEs, ODEs, Complex Analysis, Control Theory, Probability, Kalman Filtering, and Compressed Sensing.

I am waiting to hear back from some universities about my application for a PhD in EE, or if I can find a job that pays well, I might decide to that instead.

Currently, I am reading Candide by Voltaire. In Mathematics, I am reading Complex Analysis by Ahlfors and refreshing myself with Abstract Algebra and Real Analysis by re-reading Dummit and Foote and Rudin, respectively. Afterwords, I will probably read Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawerence, a different Complex Analysis book, and a book on Measure Theory.

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