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Current position is Software Engineer (all purpose really but a lot of Network/Systems administration, a bit of C code,a very little bit, and mostly Web Develoment with Javascript, JQuery,HTML5 and CSS3) at L3-Photonics in Carlsbad CA.

Formerly worked at Tealium in Del Mar California (over looking the beach...sweet!). I was a web engineer there and was the best job on the planet!

Still learning...love to not have all the answers as 'know it alls' typically don't learn anything...whereas people who don't know it all have a universe of knowledge to absorb. How can you add water to a cup that is already full?

I program stuff!! Mostly web development but I love programming in C#. I just graduated from CSUSM in San Marcos, CA with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science. Working in the IITS department at my school programming web applications right now. Love to surf, to hand out the ownage gaming, throw my 8 year old daughter in the air. Hang with my lovely wife. That's about the business.