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comment Static files give ever changing checksum value on Linux
I'm still not entirely sold on this not being caused by an userspace program rather than kernel-bug/faulty hardware. For faulty hardware, given that this is tmpfs, you'd be seeing either memory corruption, or in-flight corruption, which memtest should have caught, I'd also have expected kernel oopses if memory is randomly mangled(It'd be weird if it's isolated only to bodies of files on tmpfs) Unless you've already tried, I'd suggest looking into inotify, and have inotify watches on the files watching for modifications, when you see the files change, and lsof for seeing if the files are opened
comment Is it possible to find the path of a running program?
(deleted my comment as it no longer applied after your edit:)
comment Add latency when accessing certain websites under linux
You should also be able to use the u32 classifier to tc filter instead of iptables.
comment Adding an empty line at the end of input
If you're wondering about the { list; } form, see the "Compound Commands" section of the manual page for bash. It executes a command-list in the current shell environment. The reason we use echo at the end is just to append a newline, by default echo emits a trailing newline. The reason we use the { list; } form has to do with the way bash parses and sets up redirections/pipes. somecmd; echo | someothercmd, will just connect a pipe between echo and someothercmd. With the compound command, the entire command list will have it's stdout connected with a pipe to someothercmd.
comment Adding an empty line at the end of input
Then I'll shamelessly incorporate your better solution into my answer :)
comment Why do all my DNS queries resolve to
@xenoterracide with the @<ip> option to dig, dig goes directly to <ip> and ignore any nameservers listed in /etc/resolv.conf