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Before you downvote and flag a post, how about instead considering an answer to help the newbie find their way towards an answer? Please help me not think that the sole purpose of a diamond moderator is to run good people off from the SE sites.

The SE network is such a great resource to learn from, however, once you ask "how do I do this?" and they think you're a newb? The normal response Stack Exchange has are its diamond mods do a drive by: vote down, close, and move on without any effort to help the person seeking help.

Ex Navy, biker scum, got a BSEE magna cum laude (with distinction in my degree), embedded Software Engineer, turned entrepreneur. I am IT. Not I-T like information technologies (although I'm I-T, too). Added the bit about having a degree since people who habitually downvote answers seem to all have them, too. I hope that doesn't rub off onto me...

No, IT, like "ha ha you're it"

Running a business has turned me into a modern day DaVinci through necessity. CAD? Yup. Linux sysadmin? Uh-huh. Machinist, Electrician, Php, mysql, postgres, graphics design PS AI ID, non-consensual visual basic, and back to some great embedded C/C++.

comment How to automate Linux server configuration?
+1 for the meme
comment MS Core Fonts download?
Best way to install deb package in slackware: linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/…
comment Which stream does Bash write its prompt to?
+1 for use of <sub> to format. I just learned something new today. :D
comment How to customize PS1 properly?
Could you please provide an example of how this is implemented?
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comment Why does “chmod 1777” and “chmod 3777” both set the sticky bit?
It's called "bitmask", and +1 also for explaining/showing how it can set and clear the Owner Group & Other columns.
comment Unable to login via ssh after several months
Or askubuntu.SE? askubuntu.com
comment autofs with sshfs not working anymore
I put my "auto" sshfs as "Programs to run at startup" and I have the command line in that menu. I've tried using /etc/fstab but must have abandoned that. +1 to trying manually. Looks like with connection reset by peer, it's a SSH or networking problem.
comment Trying to open a GUI from a remote server using Mac but not succesfully
:0.0 normally refers to the host graphics adapter. I ssh and ssh -X into my server at work (to ubuntu from ubuntu) and in both cases echo $DISPLAY returned localhost:10.0. I do frequently launch gnome apps from remote machine via ssh command line. IMHO, investigate as much as you can about remove X sessions in Mac OSX. Sorry, I don't know more.
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