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comment Find files not installed by RPM package manager
@doktor5000 I have a home desktop that I have added a fair amount of 3rd party software to over the past couple of years. Instead of trying to track down by hand every single file I installed outside of rpm, it would be nice to get a list of those files so I would know what to copy over manually, reinstall when I update my system, or simply ignore. I have bad luck when trying in place upgrades if Fedora, so I tend to reinstall totally fresh.
comment How to duplicate a file without copying its data with btrfs?
@mikeserv Lol, no. My first name is Ethan. That would be funny though; Eric Estrada: actor by day, sysadmin by night. Believe it or not, this is the first time in over a decade of going by the online handle eestrada that anyone has ever asked me that.
comment Dynamic text wrapping of terminal output
@Braiam Thanks for the pointer to the bug thread. Reading the thread on the bug, it seems that the issue is that the terminal emulator library vte didn't support this until recently. In turn, vte is used by Gnome Terminal, Xfce terminal, terminator and a bunch of others. This actually makes a lot of sense since most of the terminal emulators I have used were actually using vte internally.
comment Dynamic text wrapping of terminal output
@Braiam I have been looked through all the preferences I can find and I can't seem to find a way in gnome terminal to enable this. Any tips on how to get this working?
comment Dynamic text wrapping of terminal output
@Braiam I haven't used Gnome terminal in a while. I have been on xfce (and thus xfce terminal) pretty much since gnome3 came out. I just installed gnome terminal. It doesn't act that way by default, but I will poke around in the settings for a bit.